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Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions: When Fear Transforms to Passion

It was 1963 and the headlines were full of it: Shark 'bites man in half'. The man was Rodney Fox, one of the world's foremost authorities on the great white shark today. After the attack, Rodney was left with 462 stitches in his chest, and 92 in his right hand and arm. Nobody would return to the sea after such a horrifying experience but instead, Rodney got fascinated by these prehistoric creatures and felt they were being portrayed more fearsomely than they actually were. He found sponsors for the first ever cage diving shark expedition to film Great Whites underwater - nobody had been filming them underwater ever before either. A decade later, the Rodney Fox Shark Expedition was established, giving you a chance to encounter the planet's largest known predatory fish as close as possible - in a cage.
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Rodney brought clients to  the first Great White shark expedition in 1976 that also happened to be the world’s first Shark Cage Tour - he found the tours were a great way to educate people about Great Whites and other species of sharks.

Rodney Fox

One thing led to another and in 2001, Andrew (Rodney's son) and Rodney with Dr. Rachel Robbins established the Fox Shark Research Foundation. The research required funding, and Andrew reasoned the best way to fund it was to offer people an unforgettable live-aboard Great White experience.

Andrew tagging a shark. Andrew is educated with a science degree, he is a world-renowned underwater photographer and a highly regarded advocate of the Great White Shark - he's spent more time in and under the water filming, photographing and observing great whites than anyone else in the world.

And where else to get up close and personal with  the majestic great white than Australia. Laying off the coast of South Australia, rising steeply from deep water, the remote, wind-swept Neptune Islands are the setting for one of the world’s greatest underwater experiences. The islands and waters are protected however shark cage diving is legally permitted here. Being the only Shark Tour with access on to the Neptunes, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions' large tender boat will transport you around and onto the main North Neptune Island to visit the large fur seal colony that call the islands home. This is why the sharks visit, you will really experience the sharks in their own natural environment.

Just being on board the Princess II means you are contributing to the research: a substantial part of your fare is directed into the work of the Foundation. Tours depart seasonally from North Quay Boulevard, Port Lincoln and no diver certification is needed to view the sharks safely from a surface cage (being leveled with the surface). Certified divers can experience the great white shark like very few have in world due to an exclusive ocean floor cage, descending approximately 20 meters (66ft) into the blue - the Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions is the ONLY TOUR IN THE WORLD that has Ocean Floor Cage Diving.

Overall, each Rodney Fox Shark Expedition is a thrilling encounter with sharks and the world they live in, but it is also a Research operation. Visit their webpage to find out more about the tours they offer or book your next trip!

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