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Paintball Rulers Northeast of Toronto, Canada

28. 4. 2014
The fact that Canada is a Paintball paradise is already well known. It is possible to play almost everywhere. Just for example, there are at least 10 large playing fields situated around Toronto alone. This time we introduce one of the oldest Paintball facilities right from the Toronto area. Over…


E.M.R. Paintball Park, USA

28. 3. 2014
E.M.R. Paintball Park is one of the biggest paintball facilities in Pennsylvania, USA. The park spreads across 122 acres and offers famous scenarios like „Castle Conquest“ and „Western Wars“. The park consists of twenty different playing fields. It is home for famous paintball teams Blue´s Crew and…


Manjung Paintball - Fields & Teams in Perak, Malaysia

6. 2. 2014
The popularity of paintball in Malaysia is huge and still rising. While the new playing fields keep growing up across the country, sources that would provide clearer information about their operations are mostly missing. has decided to change that and bring you the most accurate, reliable…


East or West, Take a St. Louis Paintball Test

21. 1. 2014
Wacky Warriors marks one of the most traditional paintball operators in the USA. How dare the guys from Wacky Warriors make that claim? They not only host the course in two states, but they also provide fighters with over 18 playing fields. Wacky Warriors have been in paintball industry for over 25…


Desert Paintball in Dubai - Pursuit Games, UAE

15. 12. 2013
Paintball in Dubai has been practiced even long before the giant development of the city during the last decade. Founded in 1996 Pursuit Games with the technical assistance of WDP, Europe’s largest Paintball equipment distributor, has become one of the first professional Paintball facilities in the…