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Black Ice Kiteboarding

Kiting in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest is a year round sport offering Landkiting, Snowkiting, Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing. The sport of kiting is most accessible during the Winter for snow kiting due to the frozen lakes and fields offering an abundance of open and safe kiting site locations. Leading the country in the number of snowkiters, with about 600, it’s probably the 10,000-plus lakes and long winter that make the area so appealing. Maybe that's why kiteboarders Eric Oppen and Nathan Borer got bored with the traditional way of kiting in Minnesota and decided to ginger it up and put some hockey skates on.
1. 11. 2014

The snow, the ice and the windy conditions have been always perfect for snowkiters. Winter in Minnesota is characterized by cold, below freezing temperatures and while most of Minnesota people complain for months, for snowkiters, it’s been always the best time of the year. Kiteboarders Eric Oppen and Nathan Borer made the use of the frozen Swede Lake and Buffalo Lake opportunity and decided to go for some iceskating. From the team at Northstar Surf, comes a video that will have you re-imagining what’s possible in the cold winter months ahead. Check it out.

1. 11. 2014

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