Ekstremsportveko 2015 – Voss Has It All Again

Extreme Kayaking, MTB Downhill Course, SUP, MTB/BMX Technique Course, Workshop Climbing, Longboarding, BASE Jumping … Ekstremsportveko has it all! Still more popular Norwegian extreme sports festival takes place from June 21 till June 27 (in 2015). Over the years it has evolved into one of the most interesting and complex outdoor events held in Europe. To try such a variety of sports in one place is truly exceptional opportunity. „Veko“ 2015 is at full swing right now and its programme is busy as ever.
25. 6. 2015

We´ve been mentioning the city of Vossenvagen already several times here on Adrex.com. According to our readers, it is one of the top European outdoor destinations. Read also the Article on Voss Rafting and Voss Skydiving. Anyway, the stories were just a fraction of what this small picturesque Norwegian town has in store for adrenaline addicts. During the Ekstremsportveko Festival (Veko), athletes can join a lot of different competitions and activities within all the above cited extreme sports. Furthermore, taking into account the natural beauty of this part of Norway and traditional hospitality of the organizers, we are very pleased to present the 2015 invitation.

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Ekstremsportveko 2015 Today's Video- Tirsdag 23.06.2015 from Ekstremsportveko on Vimeo.

Source: http://www.ekstremsportveko.com

25. 6. 2015

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