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Chat with Jhonathan Florez!

7. 8. 2014
The WWL World Champion and professional wingsuit pilot Jhonathan Florez made a time in his busy schedule to chat with fans through WWL website. If you'd like to ask Jhonathan few questions, check out world wingsuit league webpage already tomorrow 7th August! More info in the article.


Ellen Brennan Interview

31. 7. 2014
Ellen Brennan is one of the few women who got hooked on wingsuit basejumping. Being introduced to the world of flying at the young age, she has developed strong liking towards it and never stopped ever since. She is now recognized as the world's fastest flying women and gets invitations from the…


World's First Ever Wingsuit 4 Cross Race

22. 7. 2014
52 of the world's top wingsuit pilots gathered last week at Oakdale, California for Red Bull Aces, the first-ever side-by-side wingsuit racing event. The idea of organizing a brand new wingsuit race came about when Luke Aikins, Red Bull Air Force Pilot, thought long to come up with a new and…


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Desert Towers, Epic Highlines and BASE Jumping Oh My!

27. 6. 2014
Words by Brian Mosbaugh: Monkey missions in Moab typically consist of several adventure sports all coming together in beautiful locations and with an amazing group of talented friends. This past week of shenanigans was no different and in typical monkey fashion, I’ve stepped away from the experience…


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SBK Heliboogie 2015: One of the Best B.A.S.E Jumping Events

16. 9. 2015
One of the world's most active and well known sites for basejumping, a Norwegian mountain Kjerag needs no introduction. Due to the efforts of the Stavanger Base Klubb, Kjerag is probably the biggest base drop zone in the world today. Visible from the fjord, the smooth, 1000 sheer vertical metres…


Dean Potter and Graham Hunt Died During Their Yosemite BASE Attempt

18. 5. 2015
On Saturday evening, May 16, US BASE jumpers Dean Potter (43) and Graham Hunt (29) died after attempting a wingsuit flight from Taft Point in Yosemite National Park. Taft Point, a granite cliff that overlooks Yosemite Valley, Falls and that stands opposite the famous El Capitan, ranks among the most…


ATMOS B.A.S.E Crew Antenna Jump

7. 5. 2015
"If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." No I didn't made that up that's what Thomas Alva Edison, an American inventor and businessman said. It's not by chance that this is what the Atmos BASE crew follow a pattern of. This group of enthusiastic and…


The World’s Biggest Dream Jump Event

6. 5. 2015
This is what you get when Skydive Dubai, the world’s premier skydive location, XDubai, a local ambassador for action sports, and team of Dream Jumpers got together. If you have never heard of Dream Jump before, it's a new technique that breaks all boundaries of rope jumping as you know it. Held…


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Ekstremsportveko 2015 – Voss Has It All Again

25. 6. 2015
Extreme Kayaking, MTB Downhill Course, SUP, MTB/BMX Technique Course, Workshop Climbing, Longboarding, BASE Jumping … Ekstremsportveko has it all! Still more popular Norwegian extreme sports festival takes place from June 21 till June 27 (in 2015). Over the years it has evolved into one of the most…


The Flying Frenchies Are Back and Crazier than Ever!

2. 4. 2015
Do you remember Jackass movie? Of course you do - the crew of stuntmen, skateboarders and all-around lunatics performing do-not-attempt-this-at-home" pranks first appeared on MTV 15 years ago. The Flying Frenchies seems to follow similar but slightly different pattern; the main protagonists are…