Copa Sopó Open 2014 - XC Competition in the Heart of Colombian Andes

Copa Sopó Open is the 5th round of Colombian Championship held in Sopó, a small village near Bogotá, Colombia's capital city well known for beautiful scenery and technical flying conditions. Sopó offers all types of flying: thermal, soaring, mountains, valleys, lakes and plenty of space to land on. Set in the heart of Colombian Andes, this Cross Country competition is all set for another great year. More from the organizers in the article.
13. 8. 2014

Words by Copa Sopó Open organizers: We are pleased to invite you to an amazing event organized by a strong and experienced team. We hope you can come and discover this amazing place and flying site, race with us and have a great time!

Sopo is located 30 km North from Bogota at the high mountain plateau of about 2500 m ASL. Its flying site is called Parapente Paraiso and offers an interesting opportunity of thermal and dynamic flying with general cloud base of about 3800-4500 m ASL. Though one can go up quite high here (the height record made in Sopo is 5000 m ASL) the distances are normally keep to 40-60 km of XC flights. Find the place on the map of Locations...

General Information

Type of site: thermal and dynamic
Type of terrain:  Mountains, small valleys, lakes, small populations
Weather: cold and windy
Temperature: 4-18 degrees C
Best flying seasons: January-February and August-September
Best flying time: 10am-4pm
Thermals: 2m/s - 6m/s
Cloud base: 3,800-4,500m
Records (Altitude): 5,000 ASL
Records (distance): 65km


Main Sopo Take off
4° 54' 30.54" N - 73° 54' 47.40" W

Tailwind Take off (Alternative)
4° 54' 08.43" N - 73° 55' 19.89" W


GOAL 1: Guasca
4° 54' 29.92" N - 73° 53' 25.07" W

GOAL 2: Sopó
4° 55' 58.40" N - 73° 57' 46.53" W

GOAL 3: Zipaquirá
5° 01' 01.2" N - 73° 59' 44.8" W

main take-off

Copa Sopó Open 2014 Schedule

August 30, 2014
Training day, equipment check, registration, main briefing, opening ceremony

August 31 - September 06, 2014
Competion Flying days

September 06, 2014
Prize giving and Event Closing Ceremony

September 07, 2014
Exhibition day: acro, accuracy, XC, speed flying, tandem flying and paramotors for sponsors and general audience.

Photos: © Contraviento Club, copyrights applied.


13. 8. 2014

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