The World's Highest Double Paraglide Jump from a Hot Air Balloon

Yannick Barthe is an independent cameraman, editor and filmmaker coming from Switzerland with a passion to aircrafts and aerial pictures. To this day his work has been viewed about 7 million times on the internet. This time, he teamed up with fellow countrymen, professional paragliders David Geiser and Jeremy Peclard, who pushed the limits to achieve the world's highest double paraglide jump from a hot air balloon. The record breaking high altitude jump took place above the Jura mountains range, predominantly located in France and Switzerland, extending into Germany.
13. 2. 2015

In La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, David Geiser and Jeremy Peclard push the limits to achieve the world’s highest double paraglide jump from a hot air balloon. After requesting an aerial traffic control authorization, the team reached a max altitude of 6050 meters (nearly 20,000 feet). Due to the extreme heights, the paragliders and balloon pilots were supplied with oxygen from the hot air balloon before the drop.

Jura Mountains region in Switzerland is perfect spot for hang-gliding and thermals


13. 2. 2015

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