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Oetztal Cycle Marathon 2021 ROUVY Race 2021

The Challenge gives participants the opportunity to bring home a little piece of Ötztaler. With its 28.7 kilometers and 1759 meters of altitude, the Timmelsjoch, the legendary finale of the classic bike marathon, also serves as the perfect mountain race course for the ROUVY Race on December 04, 2021.

Whether Germany, Italy or overseas - the Oetztal Cycle Marathon route sections on ROUVY make every passionate cyclist sweat. During the four week challenge from 20 November - 20 December, participants will experience the legendary mountain passages in their calves - despite the snow that already lies outside on the track.

ROUVY is your #1 choice for the most realistic indoor training. Thanks to the power of Augmented Reality and 3D cycling Avatars, ROUVY brings the real world to your home. With 400+ AR routes and nonstop events feed, indoor riding becomes a real adventur.

LIVESTREAM on ADREX.TV - Saturday, 04th December: 3.00pm – 6.00pm


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