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Freeruning & Parkour scene is a relatively small community of people compared to other "freestyle" sports that have been here for ages. It is awesome to see how this scene has grown rapidly in a small amount of time. As any other outdoor activity that can be performed anywhere, the Parkour is a free movement of our body and mind thus, leading to a creativity. Italian quartet from the province of Vicenza - Team Jestion is still new on the scene, however they produce well made videos, capturing the essence of Freeruning. As they put it: "Humans have always been driven by curiosity and fed by an innate need to explore. Team Jestion dream up new global adventures and progress parkour video-production to the next level." Read on what Luigi Lorenzi, Riccardo Chemello, Massimiliano Takacs and Gian Marco Oddo cooked for us in their latest video edit from Spain.
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The guys had met through the KRAP association (amateur-sport association based in Italy), filming and participating in various projects (Freerunning, Parkour, Skateboard, Snowboard, Mountain Bike, Capoeira etc.)  before putting up a team together. More on that from the guys:

"Team Jestion. That's how we decided to name our story. A story created to give life to our dreams and our passions, because that is the only thing that really matters for which it's worth living. We created this team in 2013 after many experiences together. They aroused the need to set up something that really represented us, something of our own, and that could make a difference in the world of Freerunning . We want to let people know our story and about how the Freerunning has changed our life, to the whole world, to reach as many people as possible."

Adrex.com identifies well with the team's point of view. And we dare to say that pretty much everybody who's been into any freestyle sport will agree that nothing beats that moment of feeling unlimited.

"We want to travel, explore, to taste new experiences, climb up to see the things from the top, without limits to our wishes, sharing our passion. Freerunning gives you something unique and indescribable: it gives you the ability to see everything around you with different eyes and gives a deeper meaning to things that normally are worthless.Thanks to Freerunning you can reach and discover inaccessible places, hidden, to see things no one else can see or even imagine. The only obstacle is your body: it is essential to learn to respect it and improve it through dedication and training," the team sums up their perspective on Freeruning.

After their Maroccan adventure, the Team Jestion comes up with another edit from Spain, aptly titled "No Spain, No Gain". Check it out.

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Source: http://www.teamjestion.com

6. 5. 2014

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