The European Outdoor Film Tour Packed with Intense Movies

The E.O.F.T. is the most renowned film event on the European outdoor calendar. Now in its 15th season, it brings you the most spectacular outdoor and adventure sports films of the year. The tour kicks off with a special premiere evening in Amsterdam on October 9th before heading to more than 300 venues in 14 countries. Check out what movies should be definitely on your watch list this year. Don't miss it when it hits your city!
14. 9. 2015

Way up where the air is thin, riding across untamed America, breaking downhill records and hanging tough on sheet ice, now in its 15th season, the European Outdoor Film Tour shows no signs of slowing down, taking you on an adventure into the unknown—far off the beaten path. So what movies to watch out for this year? Below, you'll find a brief overview of the best films that you shouldn't pass unnoticed:

Tamara: At the Peak of Emotions

In 2012, Tamara Lunger saw the 8,611-meter summit of K2 for the first time. The sight of it was awe-inspiring, not least because K2 is considered the most dangerous of the 8,000-meter peaks: More than 80 climbers have lost their lives here. Still, in 2014, the 28-year-old made her way back to Pakistan with alpinist Klaus Gruber to take on the biggest challenge of her mountaineering career. Between fear, passion and happiness—this is a portrait of a woman who lives and loves extremes.

Italy/Germany 2015 // HelliVenturesFilmproduktion // directors: Joachim Hellinger, Christian Schmidt // 12 minutes

Burn it Down: Fast Descents in Downhill Paradise

The winding roads of the western Sierra Nevada are seemingly endless. They are perfect for James Kelly, and there is no stopping the young longboarder when he’s descending into the valley. Kelly rips down the asphalt at 70 km/h, blasting through curves without brakes. BURN IT DOWN is a breath-taking ride that always takes the racing line.

USA 2015 // Arbor Collective // director: Jack Boston // 3:30 minutes

UnReal: Escape on Two Wheels, Fleeing Reality

Professional mountain biker Brandon Semenuk found it – that other world where endless singletrack trails snake through the lush green alpine landscape. It’s a world beyond concrete high-rises, a world without limits or deadlines, where Anthill Films has made the unreal a reality.  Racing herds of horses, jumping glaciers and landing the biggest front flip in MTB history, UNREAL is the mountain biking film of the year that’s knocking the world off its axis. It’s time to get off the beaten path.

USA 2015 // Teton Gravity Research, Anthill Films // director: Anthill Films // 14 minutes

1H 46MIN: Dani Arnold on The Matterhorn

When you are the fastest in the world, your only competition is your own head.  Dani Arnold breaks one speed record after another. In 2011 he took a full 20 minutes off Ueli Steck’s best time for the Eiger North Face. Now he’s going after the Matterhorn.  But what makes Dani Arnold tick? A fascinating glimpse into the psyche of an exceptional athlete.

Switzerland 2015 // Mammut Sports Group AG // directors: Nicolas Falquet, Christian Schmidt // 7 minutes

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14. 9. 2015

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