Highline Between Two Cableways

One Inch Dreams, a group of enthusiastic slackliners recently wrote about came up with another highlining idea. After higlining the Olympic Stadium in Munich or having a dinner on a highline high far above the ground, this time, the crew headed out to Zugspitze, the highest peak of Germany to set a highline between two cableways.
2. 8. 2014

After endless planning and organization the team finally decided on a very special project: A highline between the cabins of the glacier cable car at highest mountain of Germany, Zugspitze. As they put it: "At the height of 150m above the glacier and the moving cabins as fix points walking this line was an unique experience!" The slackliners' act even caught two German telecasts attention and can be viewed here.

A detailed report of the action is soon to be found at One Inch Dreams website, don't forget to check it out.

Photos: © One Inch Dreams


2. 8. 2014
Tags Slackline

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