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Jerry Miszewski aka "Slackin-Jer", is a California based slackliner, highliner, and longliner. He started slacklining on his 21st birthday in 2007, and was instantly hooked the moment he stood up on the line. He went out and bought his first slackline from the local climbing shop. He was able to walk 50 ft. lines within the first couple of weeks. Then he began trying longer and longer lines and soon came to the point where he needed new gear to fascillitate the lengths of lines that he was capable of walking. It was the time he pondered the idea of starting his own slackline company.
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During one of his highline tour in the summer, the idea of his own company - Balance Community - was born in August 2009. Jerry spends most of his slacklining time pushing the limits. Over the years he ranked among the most successful sportsmen of slackline in the world, creating and holding several world slacklining records. While trying to go higher and farther than anyone in the world on a slackline, Jerry started designing slackline specific gear and putting together slackline kits,  his current team of Balance Community was born.

Balance Community

Now, with the proper gear continuing to be developed and the sport of slackline progressing further and further with each new development, there is no limit to what one can do on a slackline. proudly presents and recommends Balance Community as one of the world´s leading slacklining companies.

The longest slackline, with a length of 494 metres (1,621 ft), was walked on May 17, 2012 by Jerry Miszewski in one direction. The world record longline has been walked at 1,620 ft (494m) long with 13 ft. Of sag. Line tension was 22.5 kN (5,050 lbf) and the webbing type was Spider Sill MKII. A 9:1 pulley system with the MPD was used as a brake. BC Founder, CEO, and PRO-Team Athlete walked this line onsight half-man in extremely windy conditions. It took him roughly 30 minutes to cross this monster. On the walk back, he stepped off in the middle due to a onslaught of even heavier winds.

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Contact:  P.O. Box 73062, Davis, CA 95617-3062, USA   Tel.  (818)52-SLACK ( 818-527-5225 )

Source:  Balance Community website and FB profile  Thanks to Jerry. All images are property of Balance Community. Copyright strictly applied. Photos by Mathieu Pertus. Joël Vialettes.  Video: Youtube  Text:  Thomas

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