Slack brothers

Jakub, Vojta and Ondra are slackline brothers from Mnichovice. Thanks to their extraordinary performance, they have secured a firm place in the Adrex team. We are pleased that you will meet them more often now. In addition, they help us with the Adrex Places app, where you can find their favorite spots.

The Czech slackline community is not so large that not everyone knows each other and does not meet at events. It looked like a great revelation of last year's starting list of Adrex Trickline Cup in Teplice nad Metují, in which 3 times the name Růžička and 1x Růžičková figured as competitors. Despite their youth, they all did very well. We are following their progress with interest, as it gains energy rapidly thanks to its sibling “rivalry";)

"We are three brothers (and also sister Lída;) enthusiastic about slackline. We started jumping about three years ago on a short line with a small ratchet. Since then, our skill and equipment quality have moved to a higher level and today our garden is the main training spot. With a line across its entire length, we crush all sorts of tricks here and try to improve. In addition to the trickline, we also enjoy highlines, longs or waters. Just after all, everything."

As mentioned by Kuba, their main training spot is the garden. But the boys set out to pull the lines "behind the barracks" too. They help us map new spots for the Adrex Places application:

Cep I - průplav - Slackline

Mirošovice - Štičí rybník - Slackline

Tůjková - Slackline

Lom Řásná - Cliff diving

Want to see the guys in action? Come to Teplice nad Metují at the end of August at the festival. We are really looking forward to the trickline show, which will be shown to us again on Friday, August 27, from 6 pm, when the ADREX TRICKLINE CUP qualification for the evening finals starts. 

Jakub Růžička - Instagram

Vojta Růžička - Instagram

Ondra Růžička - Instagram

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