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When he started, there wasn’t a slacklining scene in Brisbane at all. A handful of climbers had a webbing/carabiner setup that they pulled out on camping trip or as novelties at parties, but nobody actually called themselves a slackliner. Dom was introduced to the sport at an outdoor excursion to a local crag with the indoor climbing group. He spent the next several years tinkering with various tensioning systems and backyard setups with climbing webbing and carabiners. Then, in 2010 he invested in his first 50mm line with ratchet and haven’t looked back since.
10. 7. 2013

While he´s done his best to grow the slacklining community in Brisbane, it is still very small. As a result, gear availability from local sources is very limited, and he´s confined himself to tricklining. Having recently attained an Elephant Freak line, he´s been pushing himself with butt-chest combinations and backflips.

While he has limited experience of it currently, he´s slowly accumulating his own longline rig, and looking forward to pushing himself in this area of the sport over the coming months. Being a climber (or perhaps ex-climber), he is also very keen to setup some highlines around the South-East Queensland area, though given the terrain and lack of mountain ranges nearby, the options here are somewhat limiting. He has recently set up his first highline at Brooyah State Forest, a relatively tame 15m line in the treetops. While the dangerous exit meant a full walk was not attempted, he certainly had some fun on the short line, busting some basic tricks and sparking his hunger for more epic projects.

His main project for the coming years is to greatly improve the slacklining community in Brisbane, where people are starting to see slacklining as more than just a novelty – something they can actually dedicate an afternoon to, and have a great time doing. Being involved with the climbing community here has helped start this movement, but he would very much like to reach further out, to the surfers, dancers, free runners, trickers, gymnasts and members of the general community. wishes Dominic to be as successful as possible in fulfilling.

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Slackline Venues in Brisbane

Slackline Academy currently runs both indoors and outdoors courses in Brisbane West End.

The Ice Cream Factory is in Unit 14, Level 2, Factory 1 of 51 Mollison St, opposite the Three Monkeys cafe and above the ABSOE shopfitters. It’s a little hard to find for the first time. To get there, go through gate 1, straight ahead to a stair well behind a 5km/hour sign. The Ice Cream Factory is two floors above ground level, on your right after 30m or so.

They also run classes along the Riverside Drive section of Orleigh Park. While we change trees occasionally to reduce extended wear, we also setup close to the corner of Riverside Drive and Kurilpa St. Recent changes to Riverside Drive mean it’s largely a bike path now, so don’t necessarily trust your maps! Entry through Kurilpa St is advised.

Contact: The Ice Cream Factory ,51 Mollison St, Unit 14, Level 2, Factory 1 (ABSOE building), Brisbane, QLD, 4101, AUSTRALIA   

Source: Slackline Academy website   Thanks to Dominic Jack.   Video:

10. 7. 2013
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