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New in the field of Slacklining? There are many websites that will help you quickly and will introduce you to the topic. The sooner you understand that sport is a deeper philosophy and lifestyle, the better such websites are. We have discovered a real Slacklining guide in Canada. It is a member of probably the biggest Slacklining Community in Vancouver, and Canada.
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Welcome to and Absolute They are a group of slackliners who enjoy slacklining outdoors and indoors. They want to promote this beautiful activity all over Canada and around the world, while taking into consideration safe practices and care of the environment.

At they provide information on slacklining and related activities including: networking, slackline equipment, safety, slacklining places, tutorials on slacklining, recommendations, lessons, community events, forums, news, etc.

Xavier Vivas

Born in Quito, Ecuador, Xavier Vivas moved to Northern America in 2001. He lived and studied in USA and immigrated to Canada later. In 2008 Xavier moved to Vancouver where he works independently as a freelancer, doing professional translation in English, French and Spanish in addition to teaching Spanish to groups and individuals. Xavier is the author of articles on metaphysical subjects, yoga, philosophy, etc., for various websites and publishes on Youtube a number of videos with talks about consciousness, featuring himself, as “Profesor X”. Presently, Xavier is a professional literary translator as well as a website developer and continues studying human psyche while paving his career as a slackliner. Xavier is the founder of and Absolute Slacklines.

Contacts: PO Box 43591 Alberni N/A PO Box, Vancouver, BC, V6G 3C7, Canada. Tel. 778-889-3771  To get more information go to:

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