Untethered: A Major Step Forward for Slacklining

Mark my words; this video will have a significant impact on anybody, who has at least once crossed a line. Andy Lewis, the godfather of slacklining, passed a comment on Untethered, a slacklining film shining a spotlight on B.C.'s slacklining scene, "Your palms will sweat and your heart will race, but you can’t help but be ridiculously inspired. The cinematography, story, and pure slacklife style is beautiful." And that's exactly what Untethered is all about. The plot unwinds around Spencer Seabrooke, who completed a record-breaking free-solo highline walk in B.C. last August, and same minded group of individuals showing what they love the most, slacklining. This is not only the first full-length documentary following Spencer's record but a true and beautiful story about the progression of the sport. Not to mention the project was made with zero outside funding and the big respect thus goes out to the filmmaker Levi A. Vanderkwaak, who lived out of his van the entire shooting. This is a must watch for every slackliner!
7. 1. 2016

Althought the film is available to watch for free, you can support it anyway as the film is available for 4k & HD purchase in case you'd like to give back in some way. You can purchase and support the film on VIMEO ON DEMAND.


7. 1. 2016
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