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Raul Alarcon is a professional slackline athlete originally from Chile who founded WV Slackline in October 2013, a slack community from West Virginia, USA . To some of you might sound that name familiar - Raul filmed a vibrant documentary about Chilean slackline community in and around Temuco, a city located in southern Chile. The journey was then featured as a part of EpicTv series aptly called 'SlackON'. We hooked up with Raul to find out more what WV Slackline is about.
21. 1. 2015

Raul moved to West Virginia in August 2013 and as everyone and each of us with a passion to any sport we have, he started to search for people who'd been practicing slackline in West Virginia. As he soon discovered, there wasn't any data base of slackliners or a place to gather them in WV so he intended to help the slackline community to grow there. The first thing he did was set up a slackline facebook fan page and things got moving.....

Words by Raul Alarcon: Few days before I set up the fan page, one slackliner from West Virginia had contacted me through my own fb page and asked me if I wanted to meet up and slack so I told him to come up to the "slacklinefarm" I knew about, which is located in Grafton. The guys I met that day turned out to be Paul Vallette & Rob Riffe, both slacking since 2002. Immediately, we began practicing, spreading the word around, and doing slackline session everywhere so more people could get into it.

Raul Alarcorn

Max Jives

Wvu Rec Center, Morgantown - this is our most common spot for everyone in the city, near college with multiple beautiful spots.  In the picture: Rachelle-Robinette

Wesley Ornick

Slacklinefarm, Grafton -  this is the place where I live in Grafton. It's a place I've build to become a conecting point for slackliners all over the world where we have all kinds of spots for Highline, Longline, Trickline, Basiclines, Waterlines, Rodeolines, trampolines and crashpads. In the picture: Peter Cutler

I, on the other hand, started working doing some Demo's at Middleschools and Highschools around WV (5 so far, the videos are on my YouTube account) and it took like a year for people to really start knowing what slackline was, really, because WV is a state of other sports so seeing somebody walking and doing tricks on a line was something relatively new.

Bruceton Mills  - spot at a private location

WoodBurn Circle, WVU, Morgantown  - this is the spot we get the most attention from all over the city of Morgantown, it is located right next to college campus with Longline and Trickline spots. In the pictue: 
Wesley Ornick

The year 2014 came and a few new riders really got into it; Max Jives, Peter Cuttler to name a few. Especialy Peter cought up really fast and he even started clubs on his college campus (WVU College Slackline Team) and set up some webpages (check also the International College Slackline Association, the offical regulatory organization of college slack line completion and exhibition). Nowadays, people are more used to see us around, and little by little, more and more people are joining us.

Deekers Creek - one of our Waterline spots. In the picture: Max Jives

Tygart Lake - this is our Trickline Waterline Spot; beautiful, calm, peaceful. It's a perfect place to go with everyone and have a blast! In the picture: Peter Cutler

Wesley Ornick

Catalina Ocares


VW Slakline welcomes everyone to the community and to develop this sport in many places as possible. If you are a slacker from  West Virginia and haven't heard of VW Slackline yet, check them out!

Photos: © VW Slackline


21. 1. 2015
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