iFLY Seattle - The First All Glass Vertical Wind Tunnel in the World

Have you ever been in a hammock? That's how one could probably describe the feeling of levitation. And that's just what this is - If you live around Seattle, come and experience indoor skydiving at iFLY Seattle. Currently the fastest vertical wind tunnel in the world as well as the largest recirculating wind tunnel (14 feet in diameter) is great for kids, challenging for adults and realistic for skydivers. Whether you are eager to learn new moves or just have fun, iFLY Seattle is a place to do it safe and in a controllable environment. Not living in Seattle? Don't worry, they have numerous locations across the United States, Canada, the UK and even Asia.
10. 2. 2015

Apart from the fact the iFLY wind tunnel in Seattle is the first ALL glass vertical wind tunnel in the world, it is also the first one in the continental USA with a second airlock chamber. This makes entry and exit while still running the tunnel possible and more efficient and accommodating. What that means? Parents with the little ones and no sitter and skydiving team who want to maximize their training time can now enter and exit without having to shut down the tunnel.

iFLY Seattle's vertical wind tunnel generates wind speeds of up to 160mph

The entire iFLY first-time flyer experience takes approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes from start to finish. 

If you are an experienced skydiver, 5 minute of flight time starts at $99.00 and if you come back, iFLY offers you even a deal for half of the starting price. Large groups can take advantage of several customizable packages to choose from and for the first time flyers, iFly has an comprehensive package in place that includes a training session, equipment rental, and one-on-one assistance throughout the flight.

iFly does not recommend walk-ins and suggest that you make a flight reservation in advance. To do it so or to find out more about iFly, visit their website. You might also want to check their annual event The Battle of the Blades taking place for the 4th time on February 22nd, 2015 where flyers will compete in a range of different disciplines including VFS, Dynamic and Freestyle.

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10. 2. 2015
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