New Skydiving Drop Zone Opens at Belmont Airport, Australia

National skydiving company, Skydive the Beach and Beyond, this week began operations at their newest drop zone location, Belmont Airport, just 20 minutes south of Newcastle CBD. The new location is the closest skydive operation to Newcastle CBD and the only beach skydive in the region. Punters can experience the thrill of freefall for up to 60 seconds when they skydive from up to 14,000ft above the beach.
8. 1. 2015

Skydive the Beach and Beyond have been operating out of their North Wollongong drop zone for over 15 years and have recently expanded to 13 new locations across Australia, making them the largest tandem skydiving operation in Australia.

Company Director, Anthony Boucaut says the Belmont drop zone will bring a much needed adventure activity to the Newcastle region and will be one of the company’s most successful and exciting locations:

‘The Newcastle region is lacking in exciting adventure activities for tourists and locals. We are looking to change that and bring a new type of thrill seeker to the area. The Newcastle drop zone is a special one due to it’s amazing beach location and self-contained drop zone facilities. Customers will take off and land from their skydive in the same place, making it an easy and enjoyable experience.’

Skydive the Beach and Beyond Newcastle will operate on Saturdays and Sundays and offer 14,000ft tandem skydives. For more information on Skydive the Beach and Beyond - visit their website.

Photos: ©  Skydive the Beach and Beyond


8. 1. 2015
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