Two Planes Carrying Nearly 40 Skydivers Collided over Slovakia

Very sad Air section news from Slovakia today. Two planes carrying nearly 40 skydivers have collided over western Slovakia, killing at least seven people. A fatal air accident happened near the town of Dubnica at a height of about one kilometer. As most skydivers managed to jump out of planes on time, the consequences are tragic enough. All four pilots were killed as well as at least three passengers. According to the first news Slovak media reported 15 other parachutists missing.
20. 8. 2015 Comments: 0

Illustration photo: Dubnica Skydiving Special Plane. Source: Novinky

Update 14:17 CET According to an unofficial source, all missing skydivers were already found, therefore the death toll should not rise. Everyone else managed to jump out of airplanes and suffered only minor injuries. Deep condolences on behalf of

20. 8. 2015 Comments: 0
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