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Swatch Prime Line Munich - Report

Top 24 MTB riders from no less than 12 different nations made their way to the Olympia Park, Germany to take part in the FMB World Tour Gold event Swatch Prime Line Munich this past weekend. Set at the Bavarian capital, the slopestyle course built in the heart of this historic location, promised solid performances. Who showed the crowd the biggest banger tricks? And who was brave enough to ride the first ever full loop in an FMB World Tour contest? Find out from the report below.
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It was a real thriller of a final at Swatch Prime Line Munich. Dark thunder clouds loomed over Munich’s Olympic Park as finals were about to begin. Once the crowd had gathered to witness the action, the weather gods were kind and cleared the sky. Right on point, the 16 qualified riders dropped in, in heats of 4, pulling everything out the bag to make into the finals. In the end, Frenchman Louis Reboul grabbed the top spot on the podium, leaving Swatch Proteam rider Sam Pilgrim (GBR) and Tomas Lemoine (FRA) with second and third.

The Full Loop

Straight from the start, Louis Reboul looked comfortable and confident on the course at the first Swatch Prime Line Munich. The French rider nailed qualifying on Friday as the first athlete to ride the full loop. A feature he later repeated in his winning run to earn those valuable extra points. Pinning the full circle alone didn’t bag him the victory, his run was packed with the finest bangers including, a backflip tabletop, 360-invert, the full loop, 360-flatspin, flip whip and a cannonball to tuck no-hand. With such big guns on the starting list, no one really had Louis Reboul on the radar for the win but he came, he rode and conquered in style!

Louis Reboul was the first to conquer the loop

Return of a Champion

Another highlight was the return of the reigning FMB World Tour Champion, Sam Pilgrim (GBR). The Brit has not been as present on podium this season as he was last year, in fact Swatch Prime Line is second major FMB World Tour podium of the season and everyone is stoked to see him back on form. Sam let his street skills shine in Munich, using the loop to pull a stunning flair. A 720 on the final jump was the sweetest moment of his second place run. “Swatch Prime Line Munich was absolutely perfect: super weather, super atmosphere, super public”, said the happy Sam Pilgrim. “It was so much fun and it is simply cool to be on the podium again.”

Sam Pilgrim - last year champ

Young Guns - Tomas Lemoine & Thomas Genon

The third surprise of the day was delivered by Tomas Lemoine. No one expected to see the French rider on the podium. Obviously, the flowing, sloped dirt jump course fit the young athlete. He fought his way through the heat mode, leaving big names and favorites behind him to grab bronze. Prize money for best trick was bagged by a rider, who has dominated the podium this year: Thomas Genon. He impressed judges and spectators with his dialed 360 barspin to tailwhip.

Tomas Lemoine

Thomas Genon

If you missed any of the action, you can watch the live replay here:

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