ADREX PLACES – A new mobile app for outdoor sports lovers

The idea of a global database of outdoor sports sites is as old as project Adrex itself. But not before smartphones and the opportunities the technologies they brought could we make the dreams come true. This year we are finally officially launching a unique mobile application which will help you easily find and choose from attractive sites for over 25 extreme sports and adrenaline activities all over the world. We proudly present Adrex Places!

The world is changing fast. A few years back we kept getting lost in wilderness with only printed maps and guidebooks in our hands. Now we do sports using professional IT devices and do not even give it a thought. Smartphones have it all: a top-quality camera, GPS systems and a computer connected to the internet where we can search for places to do our favourite sports, as well as input new data to feed databases. Climbing sites, diving sites, bikeparks, ski lifts, caves... you name it. Thanks to a big number of editors in the team, the sports database is growing really fast. Thanks to the contributors from plenty of countries, we can add tips for even the most remote places on all continents. Join us now! The registration is a piece of cake and the app is intuitive and easy to use.

As suggested by Jakub Kaman, the project manager of the app, the team of developers actually share our enthusiasm: "Around a year ago, Able, our digital studio, were asked to design an app that would collect information about extreme sports sites located all around the world. The global-scale aspect gained our heart right away. The fact that some people on the team are into extreme sports made us enjoy the project even more. This is also the reason why we could contribute to the project not only with the technical design based on the criteria stated by Adrex Group, but also with our own user-view points and ideas. We believe it is a unique and, in the present, also an unrivalled project. Are you a sports lover making plans for a holiday? Download the Adrex Places app, select the sports you like doing and your holiday destination, and here we go – you can enjoy your active holiday the way you like." 

You can now also join the team of Adrex Places contributors! By adding new sites, rating them and updating the information you help improve the map of extreme and adrenaline sports and make it even more useful. By doing that you can also get a lot of benefits, as the most active editors and contributors adding the most attractive and useful content can win prizes and bonuses. Anyway, the best benefit to everybody is undoubtedly an unlimited and easy access to a unique database of outdoor sports sites. Simply download the Adrex Places app - Android or iOS - or go to www.adrexplaces.com.

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