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Sherwood Paintball is one of the oldest and most popular paintball fields in Indiana, USA. The Sherwood Forest Paintball company has been involved in setting up battles for Painball lovers in Indiana for already more than twenty years. Located a pleasant 65 miles (1h) drive from Chicago, Sherwood facilities offer really identical wartime environment with many variants of battle scenarios.
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Sherwood playgrounds offer together over 80 acres to play on divided into several woodsball and one speedball parts. The main field boasts the largest castle in the Midwest. If you are a first time player or an experienced veteran you will find all Sherwood's 10 fields very attractive. proudly introduces examples of Sherwood Forest Paintball playing fields.

Nottingham Castle

As they put it on their website, Nottingham is the prime part of Sherwood Paintball, nr. 1 field and the “crown jewel” of the playground. This field spans 5 acres of land and has over 40 buildings on it completely built out of railroad ties. The center piece of this field is the castle construction made out of over 3000 ties. It measures 64ft x 78ft and has twelve two story towers and one three story tower. There are six stairways up to the second level and one up to the third. Honestly, it is all players´dream battleground.


This 4 acres field is a 'U' shaped valley with a peninsula jutting out in the center. On this peninsula sits Dreckmoore keep, measuring 56ft x 28ft and will soon be a two structure. During their 24 hour scenario games this is one of the command houses.

Dread Valley

Dread Valley is one of Sherwood's old tourney fields and is about 3 acres in size. This field is all natural terrain and large log bunkers with a valley in the center.


Battledale sits in the northeast corner of Sherwood and plays on the side of 60 foot hill. With this being on the side of the hill there is a lot of up and down battles. As of now there are three structures on this field with plans for two villages at the top of the hill and one at the bottom.

The fields are open all year round during the weekends from 9am till 4pm. At Sherwood they are able to arrange battles for private groups of min. 10 people 7 days a week. They also organize special events, scenario games and birthday parties.

Sherwood Paintball Directions

Sherwood Paintball Inc. is located 3 miles north of LaPorte, Indiana, which is just a short 1hr drive east from Chicago. Take Indiana Toll Road (I80) from Chicago, Exit at Rt 39 (La Porte Exit). Take a Left on Rt 39 (you will be going South). Continue till you hit the first stop light (Severs Rd). Take a Right on Severs Rd. Continue till you hit the next stop light (Indiana Rt 35). Take a Right on Rt 35 (North). Continue on Rt 35 till you pass back under I 80. Sherwood Paintball Inc. is on the Right side just past I 80 overpass. Find the place on the map of Locations...

Contacts: Sherwood Paintball Inc., 3497 North US HWY 35, LaPorte, IN 46350, USA Phone: (219) 325-8060  For more information go to:

Source: Sherwood Paintball website and FB profile  Thanks to Kathy Love. All images are property of Sherwood Paintball.  Video: Youtube  Text: Martin Alexander

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