Cliff diving

Vermont & New Hampshire's Finest Cliffs & Bridges

Vermont holds many treasures and this abandoned marble quarry is for sure one of them. If you are a cliff diver, this might appeal to you even more - turquoise clean water with towering rocks that, as if made for cliff diving, invite to various jump creations. And that's why probably CliffLife Productions, a group of people who not only like to flip, fly & dive off of cliffs, but make epic videos, decided to join forces with Vermont's streamlined video production company The Main Idea - to make a trip to Vermont & New Hampshire's finest cliffs & bridges. They even called in Mike Wilson, a badass former proskier who's known for throwing double backflips everywhere even without his skies on, and sent every cliff over 50ft in sight during the filming. Notably the 80ft triple off the bridge sent by Mike, Zach Steele's double at the end and the massive 100ft sender were highlights. Check it out.
3. 9. 2015

Stay tuned for more cliff diving videos!

3. 9. 2015

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