Freediving with Whale Sharks in the Philippines

If you are in constant search of new freedive spots like us,, you should check out Philippines if you haven't been there yet. This exotic location will amaze you right away with its beautifully diverse undersea world. From the beginning you dive yourself into the blue, you will be surrounded by varicolored species and terrain. If you are a serious freediver, the Islands have plenty to offer too. Let's have a closer look at one of the seven thousand islands of the Republic of the Philippines, the Panglao Island to find out what the area and the seafloor have to offer.
18. 4. 2014

Panglao Island belongs to the Central Visayas, a group of islands in the centre of the Philippines archipelago. It is part of the province of Bohol and is connected to the island with two bridges leading to its capital town of Tagbilaran.  The turquoise waters around Panglao Island offer perfect conditions - not only for training with the freediving rope but also for snorkeling along tropical reefs with all of their colorful inhabitants. A water temperature of 29 degrees and stunning visibility all year round makes it one of the world’s top locations for diving and snorkeling.

Panglao Island's Weather

The High Season on Bohol's beaches is considered from December till May. During this time the weather in Bohol is usually dry with only very few rain showers from time to time. The temperature during this high season ranges from 28°C to 32°C in the daytime and drops to about 25°C at  night. Starting in March till July it gets hot in Bohol, with temperatures rising up to 38°C during the day. In the same time however, it starts raining again from time to time but the rain cools the air only for a very short period of time. The Typhoon Season in the Philippines lasts from June till December. Luckily, Bohol is located southward from the infamous "Typhoon Street" and gets hit by the Typhoons only rarely. August to November can be called the "Wet Season". During those months the weather conditions and the resulting sea conditions can be very unpredictable. The water temperature around Panglao island are very pleasant, about 28° to 29°C throughout the year.

How to get there

The easiest way to reach Panglao is to fly to Mactan International Airport on Cebu Island. Ferries leave to Tagbilaran (Bohol) from Cebu City’s pier multiple times a day. The faster ferry takes you from Cebu to Bohol in about 90 minutes. From the Tagbilaran's pier, a taxi or trycicle can bring you to Panglao, which is approximately 20 minutes ride.

Where to start?

One of the many freediving centers around is Freedive Panglao located at “Bitaug Resort” on Panglaos beautiful southwest coast “Danao”, approximately 3km from Alona Beach. To get there, simply follow the signboards that you find on the main street when you drive from Alona Beach westwards towards Danao. Sheltered from wind and current, away from the busy boat traffic of Alona Beach, the Freedive Panglao Centre offers you comfortable and safe freediving. Their training site is just a 5 minute boat ride away from the Centre. Unlimited depth, warm water, no currents and the occasional whaleshark are waiting for you! You can rent an equipment there and apart various freediving courses the Centre also offers a mid- range accommodation.

Contact: Stefan Randig, phone: +63 9266204768

Source: and their FB; Thanks to Stefan; all images are courtesy of Freedive Panglao

18. 4. 2014
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