The Triple Depth Freediving Challenge 2014

For already tenth time in ten years, Freedive International is organizing the Triple Depth Freediving Challenge in Dahab’s world famous Blue Hole in Egypt. The dates for the competition are set for the 14th until the 20th of October. Competitors from all over the world will prove their skills in all three-depth disciplines and static freediving. For a good reason Freedive International chose the Blue Hole, located about 8 kilometers north of Dahab, as place for the event. The incredible visibility of the Red Sea is known worldwide allowing the numerous photographers accompanying Triple Depth to take lots of beautiful pictures.
4. 10. 2014

Not only the visibility but also the great water conditions are attracting both freedivers and scuba divers from everywhere in the world. The always flat surface, no current as well as a depth of over 90 meter aswim distance away from the shore make it the ideal place for both recreational and deep Freediving. The competition has an AIDA ranking and in the past ten years of its existencecreated many proud national recordas well as world record holders such as Herbert Nitsch, Sara Campbell and Natalia Molchanova.

Three training days will set the beginning of the event followed by the four actual competition days starting with static on the 17th of October. Free Immersion will be the first depth discipline on the 18th followed by Constant Weight and Constant Weight no Fins on the next two competition days.Freedivers who participate in all three different depth disciplines will be included in the Triple Depth ranking and therefore able to win the competition. Like last year it might be possible to compete in any discipline at any day but only those who participated in all three will be able to become the winner of this worldwide recognized Freediving event.

The AIDA- judges Lotta Ericson, former world record holder and owner of Freedive International, and Hussein Odeba will make the sometimes difficult decision between a white, yellow and red card after each diver’s dive to determine how many points they achieved in the AIDA and Triple Depth Ranking. Additionallya team of three highly- qualified safety divers formed by the instructors of FreediveDahab will be responsible for the clean run of the competition.

During the last years Triple Depth has created his own community of freedivers who frequently return to Dahab every year again for the biggest Freediving competition in the whole of Africa.  Therefore returning athletes are able to purchase the full Triple Depth 2014 program including three training days and all four competition days for only 205 Euro instead of 225.Already weeks before the competition people who travel to the Blue Holewill be able to see many Freediving- buoys set across the surface allowing competitors to constantly push their limits as a preparation for the competition. During the days of The Triple Depth Freediving Challenge there will be a diving- pyramid set up in the deepest part of the Blue Hole allowing participants to dive up to 91 incredible meters deep.

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4. 10. 2014
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