This Might Just Be the Best Freediving Video of 2015

There are some that rather than taking plunge into the open sea like to squeeze through narrow cracks and holes, freediving and exploring springs, not knowing what's down there or where the exit might be. You might have already read about freediving adventures of Brian Channing and Brian Russell at Those two avid freedivers took freediving to another level while diving in the middle of a swamp. This time, they took on Blue Springs in Orange City Florida and needless to say they absolutely killed it again. Not only such freediving requires certain technique but poses a real danger; if you get stuck, there is no turning back.
10. 12. 2015

"I shot this while freediving at Blue Springs State Park, Florida. It covers a few different dive routes, but don't be fooled by how easy it looks. Most of these routes are very technical cave dives. We're often swimming through 1' cracks in the near darkness. Many routes you have to commit to as there's no turning back. So be careful if you go out there. It's an amazing cave to free dive, still my favorites by far"

 - Brian Russell -

10. 12. 2015
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