Sofía Mulanovich Launches a High Performance Surf Academy

In 2004 she caught international media attention, as she became WCT champion, a tournament every surfer dreams to win. With more than 8 championships and numerous sports rewards behind, Sofía Mulanovich, a Peruvian born is back on track and takes over media attention again. But this time, it's little different; the former surf world champion creates now together with Swatch a Surf Academy for young Peruvian surf talents in Punta Hermosa, Peru
19. 3. 2015

Supported by Swatch, 'La gringa' as friends call her, created Proyecto Sofía, a high performance youth surf academy for the only purpose - to share her professional surf experience and develop talented young people regardless of their social background, helping to prepare them for opportunities and challenges they might encounter in life.

Sofia Mulanovich

The recruiting process to enter the academy is divided into two stages: the Searching Days and the Scouting Camp.  67 young surfers showed up at the Searching Days but the jury formed by Sofi, Coco Fernández (Project’s main coach and Peruvian National Junior team Coach), Harold Koechlin (Project’s Coach), Roberto Meza (Escuela Olas Peru manager) and Brodie Carr (former ASP CEO) had the hard decision to choose only 16. 

At the Scouting Camp participants had to live together at the academy, located in Punta Hermosa, for two days and one night. Here, they received training, video analysis reports, had to show off their talent and overcome physical and psychological tests in hopes of reaching one of the 10 spots. 

The three-year project offers a full scholarship and a unique opportunity to 10 teenagers aged 9 to 15; each kid has it own and personalized wetsuit, board and shirt. They are being trained by Vania Pedragglio (a well known personal trainer), and they have well equipped bed rooms and study rooms, a garden and a psychologist. 

Photos: © Proyecto Sofia

Proyecto Sofia


19. 3. 2015
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