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Surfing is about traveling, meeting new people, experiencing diverse cultures and most importantly, searching for the next swell. With each new location, our riding ability increases even though we don't realize it at that moment we are there. Our planet offers so many surfing opportunities and beautiful places that it would take one a lifetime to discover them all. brings you a new surf location with plenty of spots at one place. The West Coast of Morocco is a dream surfing destination with a year round Atlantic swell and a constantly changing shoreline of exposed and sheltered points, reefs and beach breaks.
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Whether you're looking for reeling ten foot points, endless mellow six foot walls or the perfect wave to learn on, Morocco has it all. Morocco is famous for its long right hand point breaks; thoroughly consistent and generally uncrowned. One of the popular surfing breaks can be found north of Agadir, a major city in central coastal Morocco. The Taghazout region is full of them. Internationally renowned amongst travelers and surfers for its laid back pace, easygoing atmosphere and world class waves, Taghazout is a unique gem on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. The coastline has been on the hippy trail since the 60s and surfers have been riding the waves that peel down its legendary points ever since. It’s a Moroccan village like no other where local Berber life and surfing culture have combined to make a bustling, fun and charming place to kick back and relax with plenty of cool breaks.

Taghazout surfs' spots

Immousane - Long rolling right hand point break with a shorter more intense right hander on the other side of the bay.

Tamri - There is always a wave at Tamri, a real swell magnet, great fun beachbreak with lots of different peaks.

Boilers - Rock bottom point with barrels and long line riders. Fast down the line wave racing close to the rocks.

Devils Rock - A punchy beachbreak, great fun to ride for all abilities.

Banana Point - Sand bottom right point, great spot for beginners.

Killers - Epic Sand and rock right point break. A regional standout bowly peak with big barrels, long racy walls and long lines

La Source - Sand and rock bottom reef. Fun right and left peak offering punchy manuover friendly waves

Mysteries - Great right hand reef with lots of different moods.

Anchors - The spot that put Morocco on the surf map. Sand and rock bottom right point break that is capable of producing phenomenally long rides. This powerful wave has every sort of section imaginable. The swell rarely gets too big for this spot so it's safe.

Spiders - Sand and rock bottom wedge. Super fun right ride.

Hash Point - Sand and rock bottom right hand point with punchy waves yet nice and predictable. Great break for practicing maneuvers.

Panoramas - Sand bottom right hander with long mellow rides. Perfect waves for beginners and intermediate alike


The summer months  (April - October) see small to medium swells with surfing mostly taking place on the beaches and reefs on the more exposed north west coast, this is great time for anyone looking for fun, uncrowded warm water surf. During the winter months ( October - March)  the waves that have made Morocco famous come to life and world class surf and leg achingly long rides are a everyday occurrence.

Add in some near perfect weather conditions (300 days of sunshine a year, an average temperature Nov-Feb of 21 C, water temperature 18 C) and you've got all the makings of a ideal surf trip.


Conveniently located 40 min from Agadir international airport it’s a short hop (2-3 hrs) from most central European cities. Casablanca is about 8 hours and Marrakech 3 - 4 hrs. It’s the closest place for any European surfer to get year round warm water, perfect waves and a unique cultural experience. Find the place on the map of Locations...

Surf Maroc

Surf Maroc was started by Ben and Ollie in 2003, with an old Ford Transit, 5 boards and a few wetsuits. They now have over 40 staff in 3 locations (Villa Mandala, TaghazoutVilla and L'Auberge) making sure you have a good time. From your booking to your transfer to your surfing to your accommodation and every bit in between you are well looked after. They know the place like no other and can take you to secret surf spots that are know only among the locals. They also hosts surf camps. What is more, most of the surf spots are within a walking distance of their Surf Maroc villa. With their motto: have fun - every time, you might want to check them out.

View from L'Auberge

Villa Mandala

Taghazout Villa

going to a secret spot

All images are courtesy of Surf Maroc; Copyrights applied. 


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