World Surfing Games 2014 Are Coming Close!

From October 24 to November 1, Peru will become the gathering place of the world's best surfers, who will compete in the historic 2014 ISA 50th Anniversary World Surfing Games (WSG). The competition will be held at one of the most popular and consistent point breaks of the Peruvian coast. Over 25 countries from all corners of the planet and more than 150 men and women surfers will soon arrive to the beautiful country of Peru, its welcoming people, great food, and incredible waves.
22. 10. 2014

The ISA World Surfing Games began in 1964 under the name ISF World Championships, and were run by the International Surfing Federation, the first surfing international organization in history. In 1976, the ISF became the ISA. From their beginning and until today, the contestants in the World Championship traveled to compete as a team and to represent their nation. Since 1965, Peru has played host to 8th ISA World Championship and once again, the nation will welcom the ISA and the hundreds of competitors from all around the globe with open arms and warm hearts.

Punta Rocas surf break

The Wave

Punta Rocas is located 45 Km south of Lima, the capital city of Peru, in the district of Punta Negra. Considered as one of the most popular and consistent point breaks of the Peruvian coasts due to its powerful, fun 5-15 feet high world-class wave that can in its best days extend up to 300 meters long. This region has also developed some of the country’s most elite surfers such as past ISA World Champions Sofia Mulanovich and Cristobal de Col, who live just a few Kilometers north in Punta Hermosa.

Peruvian legend Felipe Pomar - the first World Surfing Champion

Young Kelly Slater during the 1990 WSC in Chiba,Japan. The only trophy missing from the 11X ASP World Champion is an ISA Gold Medal

Cj Hobgood - 2008 ISA World Surfing Games Gold Medalist in Portugal

WSG will again gather over 25 National Delegations from every corner of the world, who will gather to compete for their National Team in an "Olympic-Style" event. This historic competition will double up as a global celebration of the sport's governing body hosting half a century of world-class surfing championships. Held at the same location as the 1965 ISA World Surfing Championship, which was won by Peruvian local, Felipe Pomar and American Joyce Hoffman, this event can not be missed.

Photos: © ISA


22. 10. 2014
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