Adrex Places app helps with cleaning

"Adrex Places Cleanup" is the name of a project focused on cleaning the places where we run our sports. Surely, during sports or stays in nature, you came across garbage that does not belong there and spoils the atmosphere of the place. There is usually nothing easier than enlarging your garbage bag and packing rubbish after others on your return. By documenting such a tidy place, we increase the probability that the next visitors will be more careful and will also leave the place clean.

Topics around the environment, sustainability, ecological footprints, soft tourism, waste recycling, etc. are accentuated by many initiatives. Whether it is an environmentally friendly lifestyle of individuals or global political steps, in most cases it is a meaningful activity (sometimes passivity also helps a lot;). Adrex connects all 3 environments EARTH-WATER-AIR, all deserve special attention.

We will not engage in controversy here regarding the environmental friendliness of some sports or sports as such. Adrenaline sports are and will be here. Adrex has been a part of them for many years and tries to approach them and the environment with respect and humility. Without this approach, it is not possible to climb mountain peaks, dive into the depths of the sea or sail through the air repeatedly and with a good feeling. We are now coming up with a global initiative at the local level. Adrex Places Cleanup is part of our adrenaline sports location search application and motivates visitors to keep these places free of garbage.

The app as a tool

It will still be your hands that lift and take the can, but you can be proud of that in our app. You take a photo of the cleaning and save the photo for the given spot under your profile. The app will then display the latest updates from you. It is not appropriate to brag about something so "obvious", but it is okay inconspicuously like this :) If you will carry out a larger cleaning event with friends, let us know about it, we dedicate a separate report to it.

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