Adrex Places app launches its campaign

The world is changing, and while we were all wandering around with maps and printed guidebooks a few years ago, today, without realizing it too much, we travel and play sports with professional IT equipment. Smartphones have concentrated a quality camera, GPS navigation, and a computer into one device, allowing us to search and enter new and new places suitable for our favorite activities.

It’s been a year since we first introduced our mobile app (article here). We’ve tested the features and fine-tuned the design with a small number of users who were actively adding new locations across sports. The database now contains 4,000 locations with GPS coordinates, location descriptions, relevant parameters, important links, and of course, photos and videos. It now has sufficient content to serve sports enthusiasts around the world. However, there are thousands of amazing places (“spots”) for adrenaline and extreme sports, so we are launching an online campaign to promote the app. More users will undoubtedly bring more new spots.

The main image spot for Adrex Places

Interested in this video? Read more about its creation and filming, complete with behind-the-scenes photos (report here). Unique filming technology was discovered for us by Tomáš Koucký (Old&Rich Production) and his team. Bad X Boys Bery and Tháda took on the unconventional stunt work and shared their experiences in the report.

Go to App Store or Google Play to download our Adrex Placess app. To use it actively, you need to sign in with your name and email address. Done. And now, let’s take a tour. After the first glimpse of the app’s environment, the user usually starts exploring the immediate surroundings to see if the app already contains favorite places. There’s something here. And abroad? Here you can already see many icons locating spots from 3 different environments - land, water, air. Is that still not enough? Then find a photo and GPS coordinates on your phone and add “your” first spot. The app can also be used on a computer, which is more convenient for managing and adding multiple locations.

Short instructional video - showcase

Get The App

Land - water - air are the environments in which all sports experiences and emotions take place. Which one is yours? We’ve put together 3 short “Get The App” videos to share in each community. If you like the app, share it with your friends. Share YouTube videos!

Bonus for active users

By uploading new spots or updating and adding to existing ones, you become a co-creator of this useful app. For many, helping other users is motivation enough. Nevertheless, on the last day of August, we will count the verified spots of the most active accounts and announce the winners in the categories below, who will receive themed sports equipment.

The contest is open until midnight CET:

  • total number of most verified spots posted

  • most verified spots in each of the 27 sports

  • the best-worked spot

  • best photo of the spot

  • most exotic location

See you out there. We don’t have to feel weird with our cell phones in our hands anymore;) 


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